Sacred Sounds

The Chakras

One form of yoga is called Nada Yoga, the yoga of sound.

Portals, also known as Chakras, are wheels of energy vortexes (voids) located and accessed at the level of our etheric body and influence all of our other bodies, physical (communication), astral (sensual, emotional) and causal (karmic).

The Divine is contained within these voids emanating on Gaia as positive and negative polarities that we must integrate inside ourselves to enter new frequencies providing healing truth, love, compassion, joy, beauty, and understanding to us.

Every Chakra has a Sanskrit name, a location within the physical body, a musical note associated, a tone, a frequency measured in hertz, a seed syllable sound (bija) and a yantra (graphical representation).

Our spine is like a piano keyboard, each chakra tuned to a specific note. We can tune it by toning vowel or seed sounds, harmonizing our frequencies, and playing our sacred song.

Experience The Sounds


I am nothing.