The History Of Crystal Bowls

Quartz crystal singing bowls are one of the most powerful, beautiful and easy to utilize healing tools available today. These bowls are specially made to resonate for their healing effects. They are made from 99% silica sand (quartz) and are literally spun into a centrifugal mold which is heated to 4000 degrees and an electric arc in the center fuses the individual grains into one whole. This is why the inside of the bowls is smooth and the outside granular and sparkly like tiny quartz grains. When they come out of the mold they are then tuned. This is done through a process similar to sanding down the bowl on the outside or by trimming the bowl’s height until the required note is found. The outside rim of the bowl is then played by pulling a suede mallet or a beater with a large rubber ball on the end around it which causes a friction and the sound is then produced. Think of how a sound is produced when a wine glass is rimmed with a wet finger. They may also be lightly taped to create a more bell-like ‘dong’.

Crystal singing bowls were originally a byproduct of the computer industry. Quartz can be heated to high temperatures, so quartz ‘crucibles’ were used to grow computer chips and other components within them. Crystal Singing bowls first came into being as healing tools in 1990. Tibetan ‘7’ metal bowls, which work in a similar way, have been in use for centuries. More recently, the quartz bowls have been infused with other gemstones, such as Ruby and Rose Quartz, as well as precious metals such as gold and silver. Crystal bowls are so powerful as they combine several healing modalities: sound healing, crystal healing, and healing through light and color. The power of focused intention can further enhance these properties. Sound healing works on the principle that everything in our universe is energy, which has a vibration. Everything in existence within the universe is in a vibrational state. The frequency at which we usually vibrate is called resonance. Certain sounds, therefore, will resonate with different organs and parts of the body. Sound has been scientifically proven to have an effect on our autonomic, immune & endocrine systems, as well as the neuropeptide transmitters inside our brains.

Sound healing practitioners look at their clients from this perspective and seek to balance their clients ‘disease through the correction of vibrational imbalances in their energetic system, i.e., their aura or electromagnetic blueprint. When an organ in the body is not functioning at its optimum, its sound pattern will be off, yet by re-introducing the correct sound pattern will help it to heal and return to health through the law of resonance. This law states that when one energetic system encounters another similar system, its vibrations must come into a state of resonance or harmonic vibration. It has also been documented how sound can affect matter. 80% of our bodies are water, and sound’s effect on water has been photographically demonstrated in Dr Masaru Emoto’s book `The Hidden Messages in Water’. Different sounds produced different types of geometric shapes within frozen water. Playing ‘Mozart’ produced beautiful symmetrical snowflake-like crystals whilst discordant sound had no clear structure. You can imagine then the power of sound on the Water within our bodies! Dr Hans Jenny demonstrated how matter responds to sound using Cymatics. Cymatics is the use of ‘Pure Tone’ or ‘sine waves’ within the audible spectrum to produce physical patterns on a medium such as liquid or sand. A good example of this is how the ‘Shri Yantra’ pattern is produced by the ‘Aum’ sound. Crystal bowls are unique in sound healing as they produce ‘pure tones’ when played. When we produce a sound with our voices or other instruments, the note waivers and varies. With crystal singing bowls, the note does not waiver. This produces a wave of energy known as a ‘sine’ wave that spreads out for a kilometer from the bowl in all directions and lasts for several minutes. Sine waves appear in nature in ocean waves and light waves. At higher frequencies, sound converts into color, which is within the spectrum of light. Sine waves have the same energetic pattern that occurs in our brain in an alpha state. In the alpha brain wave state, the brainwaves run at about 8 to 12 cycles per second or hertz. This is a calm, meditative state where the person is still alert and is more receptive to learning, focusing, and suggestions.

Crystal healing also works with vibration. Scientifically, Quartz crystals have been shown to have high piezoelectric & pyroelectric properties. The piezoelectric effect is produced when a quartz crystal is compressed, which causes it to release a voltage of electricity and sometimes light. With Crystal bowls, this compression of the crystalline structure occurs when the bowl is played. Piezoelectricity is caused by variations in the temperature of the crystal and causes the energy within the crystal to expand when heated and contract upon cooling. This cooling would then store the energy within the crystalline structure. In my experience, the crystal bowl ‘warms up’ when played. Even very small changes in temperature have been shown to produce this pyroelectric effect. Quartz crystals have the ability to take in energy, store it, redirect it, and amplify it. Quartz absorbs white light and, therefore, has every color frequency within it. Our bodies also contain silica, and some of our glands are said to oscillate like crystals. Glands like the pineal gland are even crystalline in shape and structure as are cells right down to the molecular level. So, quartz crystals will resonate with these structures. The bowls that have other gemstones fused with them will also have the metaphysical properties of that stone. Color plays a part in this, as does the individual mineral content of the stone. For example, the gemstone turquoise is good for helping with joint pain and problems such as arthritis. Turquoise is a mineral rich in copper; copper bracelets have been used for centuries to bring sufferers relief from these ailments, so the stone will thus have a similar effect.

Crystal bowls work as a synergy between all of the above-mentioned modalities. As quartz has the ability to take in energy and vibration, and as our thoughts are waves of energy or vibration, the bowls will absorb these ‘thought vibrations’ and amplify them. Carlos Castaneda said there’s an immeasurable, indescribable force that shamans called “intent,” and absolutely everything that exists in the entire cosmos is connected to it. When we focus our thoughts with laser-like clarity and precision, we are connecting to the vibration of that which we seek to manifest. Quartz bowls will hone our thoughts and make them clearer. Through the law of attraction, these clear thoughts then magnetize those things to us. The film ‘The Secret’ clearly documents how and why positive, clear thought brings those things that we focus on into being. It also demonstrates how we create our reality by our thoughts and the vibration that they and we as individuals hold. Positive thought has been shown to produce positive changes in our physiology. Therefore, the more we ‘intend’ and believe the crystal singing bowls will affect those and others, the more they will.

Source: Crystal Tones