Crossing The Threshold
Stepping Into The Void
Blurring The Lines

This page is dedicated to all of my teachers currently present on the planet and those who have gone before me, teaching the ‘path.’ Not their path, but one that was passed down for centuries between a handful of sages. 

There is a hidden knowledge of kundalini and tantric yogic techniques to bring one enlightenment through meditation, prana, mantra, mudras, and kriya, surviving throughout history, many times destroyed and forgotten, forbidden, outlawed, at certain times seemed lost and then rediscovered again.

Before we open a door or portal, we must take the first step.

Part of that step involves surrendering to ‘not knowing’ and relinquishing some small part of our ego. This first step is taken only ‘after the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the fear of changing or the unknown.’

Everyone and everything then becomes our teacher, always a student.  Although, at different times, one or more of them has stood out more than others, I respect the fact that every guru teaches something different. (from their lineage)

One thing all of them have in common is their devotion to the path.

My Gurus