What Is Portal To The Divine Sound Therapy?


At PTTD we believe that the voice and breath is our sacred birthright connecting to our personal power. One way to access this sacred birthright is through using our personal sound instruments with physical ones to emit healing frequencies that correspond on multi-dimensional levels as sacred geometry. Sacred Geometric patterns are designs of the creative elemental structures of this universe’s time and space, enabling us to connect both our external and internal world.

In this world, there are two opposing principles: 

Feminine and masculine, yin & yang. 

This practice aims to bring together the union of both, becoming in ‘flow.’

When we use our voice either through humming, toning, or chanting with the sound instruments, we tune the chakras. Our chakras also correspond to the elements and the endocrine system in our physical body. 

Chakras & the Endocrine System

We do not diagnose, treat, endorse, or prescribe medical conditions. We serve by offering a doorway to these sacred sound frequencies for you to create homeostasis, returning you to your optimum health through this connection.

We do not control whatever sound plays through for you or to us; you’re only asked to set an intention for what intuitively you need to reach optimum health, for reaching a natural state of abundant happiness and joy. Our intent is that the sounds played are only for your highest good and the good of all concerned.

We use only U.S manufactured quartz crystal singing bowls as one of our primary methods of connecting you to your body’s own therapeutic healing. The first singing bowls (metal) originated in the Himalayas thousands of years ago. They have been used as a part of the spiritual practice of Tibetan monks since ancient times. Each bowl is tuned to a key corresponding to a particular frequency (aka musical notes), which corresponds to one of the chakras. Chakras are concentrated energy centers (or wheels) located in your etheric body. By using singing bowls, they resonate with each of your chakras, connecting them to these divine frequencies and bringing them into harmony and balance.

We offer traditional passive sound baths, although we have found that combining these instruments with our voices to tone and tune our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies is much more effective by  chanting, toning the chakras etc. to powerfully connect you to your own inner source for transformational healing.

We also offer the playing sound practice of Full Moon (metal) Tibetan singing bowls and cylinder and handheld practitioner quartz crystal singing alchemy (combination of quartz crystal with gemstones, minerals, and elements) bowls. We also use Planetary metal gongs, celestial tuned string harps, monochord cello, handmade Shamanic drums, wind chimes, ocean drums, metal standing, bowls, and dolphin sound metal bowls, crystal pyramids, crystal merkaba, Solfeggio tuning forks, and the harmonium.

We have also found that honoring this sound process through creating something tangible, like a painting, collage, writing etc., provides a deeper anchor for transformation and healing.