Rooted in Giving Back

We want to ensure everyone has access to these energetic healing modalities; therefore, every session is donation-based and can be paid for through a specific cause with a suggested donation amount on our nonprofit Causability. This may be linked by a QR code or a URL link to a specific cause. 

Causes are determined by a theme, hosting location, sponsor, or nonprofit collaboration.

We accept donations for any amount. Causability fees are only 10% for management, credit card processing, and travel expenses; everything else goes to a Creators Cause.

“Frequencies” by Liz London

Art by Liz London

Liz London’s artwork explores the realms and depths of her personal transformation through her use of sound instruments and mantras while creating art.  This is accomplished visually, by her means of identification with the natural world, through use of sacred symbolism and using layered abstraction.

By blending and layering different levels of mediums, her work provides a visual form honoring life by mimicking what we often overlook, as sacred, instead of ordinary. One goal is to transform mundane human experiences, valuing the present moment with profound significance.